A little about the Hart sisters . . .


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I live in Washington, DC, with my husband, Josh, my son Lane (born in 2009), and my daughter Elenor (born in 2011). I've long been an avid consumer of food blogs, and until early 2013 I wrote regularly at Food Lush.  I love to cook and bake and have a special passion for dessert. Life with two young children doesn't allow for as many elaborate meals, but cooking for kids presents a whole new set of challenges that I find both invigorating and infuriating. You can contact me at elissa.hart(at)gmail.com.



I am a longtime reader of food blogs and lurker on food discussion boards, but it's probably about time I stepped up and started contributing some content to the great online foodie world. I spend way too much time thinking about food and eating, and I am also known for making a mean cocktail from time to time. I call San Diego home, and I am inspired by the wonderful local farms and cross-border influences here. You can contact me at kfhart4(at)gmail.com. 



I have always enjoyed entertaining and cooking for friends, and I've had great culinary role models in my two sisters and our mom. I live in Manhattan Beach, and try to take advantage of the great local produce available year-round. Being healthy is important to me, but I love cheese and chocolate and carbs and wine and I indulge regularly. You can contact me at laurahalseyhart(at)gmail.com