Asian Eggplant Salad

by Elissa

If I'm making a Mediterranean-style eggplant dish (e.g. ratatouille or caponata), I tend to stick with traditional globe eggplants, which are usually readily available. But I recently decided to branch out and try some of the Asian eggplant varieties available at my farmer's market. I went for an Asian eggplant recipe that I've made before using globe eggplants, and the Asian varieties worked just as well (if not better). 


The recipe comes from Melissa Clark, who has rarely steered me wrong. The only change I made to the recipe was to increase the rice wine vinegar to 2 teaspoons to give the dish a little more acidity. The ginger and sesame oil in the dressing are a welcome twist, and I was able to use up the last of our thai basil and some late tomatoes from our garden.  


This is a great side dish because it can be served warm, at room temperature, or cold. The kids were initially a little suspicious, but once Lane caught a whiff of the fragrant dressing, he demanded a large serving and polished it all off (of course, this is not guarantee that he will eat any next time I make this dish, but I take my victories where I can get them!)  

Perfect accompaniment for a shrimp and bok choy stir fry. 

Perfect accompaniment for a shrimp and bok choy stir fry.