Report from the freezer aisle: Trader Joe's kati pouches and masala dosa

By Elissa

Living without a kitchen has meant an increase in our frozen food consumption. We generally like the frozen Indian food at Trader Joe's, and last week we tried a couple of their newer offerings.


The pictures on the packaging looked great, but the true test is how the food handles real-world conditions. I heated up the Kati pouches in the microwave and gave the dosas about 12 minutes in the toaster oven at 350. Here is the result:


The dish on the left is the coconut chutney that accompanies the dosas--it was excellent, and I thought that the dosas were quite good. They fell apart a little bit, but the dosas were crispy and light, and the potato filling had a nice flavor. The kati pouches did not do much for me, mostly because the exterior dough reminded me a bit of a hot pocket. They did retain their structural integrity and were thus easier to eat.

I'll definitely be buying the dosas again--the extra cooking time was worth it.