Top-Notch Fajitas

by Elissa

I was poking around on Serious Eats the other day when I came across J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's article about fajitas.  He describes how, when someone orders fajitas at a restaurant, everyone's heads turn to follow the platter of sizzling meat as it's carried through the seating area.  It took me back to my first trip to Chili's in junior high school when a friend ordered fajitas and I was so jealous because her food looked and smelled so much better than mine.

I still like fajitas, but I haven't been to Chili's in a long time.  And now, thanks to Kenji's recipe for fajitas, I can make fajitas at home that are superior to any restaurant fajitas I've ever had.


I've made the recipe twice now, and the results have been excellent. Definitely try to find skirt steak, and I love the trick of reserving some marinade to pour on the onions and peppers. I prefer cooking the onions and peppers on the stove rather than on the grill, but either way it's a quick meal. And this was a hit with both the adults and the toddler-preschool set.