Avocado Honey

By Katherine

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, which is traditionally celebrated with apples and honey to usher in a sweet new year, I am taking a moment today to highlight my favorite honey: Honey Pacifica's Avocado Honey. 



I first heard about avocado honey in a Chowhound discussion of ideas for a food gift that would be unique to San Diego.  San Diego County is blessed with a number of avocado orchards, and avocado honey is one delicious by-product of the avocado harvest.  To be clear, there is none of the green stuff in avocado honey - it's just that the bees that made this honey feasted on the nectar in avocado blossoms.  The honey is rich and dark, with caramel overtones. 


It is delicious on toast or mixed into Greek yogurt, and I bet it would make one heck of a Gold Rush - that's on the to-do list.   My local Whole Foods carries the Honey Pacifica brand, but it appears that it may only be available in Southern California and Nevada stores. It's also available for order online, but I am curious to hear if any of you out there are able to find any other brands of avocado honey in your local markets. If so, please tell me about it in the comments!

Shanah Tova to all who celebrate!