Two Delicious Soups

by Elissa

It's been a pretty cold winter in DC so far; we've had more snow than usual and several days where the temperature barely made it into the teens. We've been eating a lot of soup to keep warm, and I wanted to share a couple of our favorites.

Sausage, lentil, and chard soup

Sausage, lentil, and chard soup

First up is a lentil soup recipe that I make at least once a month in the colder months. It comes from Secrets of the Best Chefs by Adam Roberts.  It's got lots of flavor from Italian sausage (two links is plenty), crushed tomatoes, and a finishing touch of sizzling garlic oil.  It might be my favorite wintertime one-pot meal, and sometimes the children even eat the Swiss chard. Add some bread (or, in Hart family style, some buttered toast) and you have a perfect winter meal.


The second soup is a newer discovery: Joanne Chang's recipe for hot and sour soup (via Food52).  The recipe uses pretty basic ingredients to create a soup that is hearty but that also has some zing. I reduced the rice vinegar to half a cup and went easy on the Sriracha to make it more kid-friendly--Josh and I added extra Sriracha at the table to our bowls. I thought this recipe was perfect, and Lane requested seconds after expressing some initial skepticism. But next time I make it Josh has requested that I hold the tofu for his serving. I guess you can't win them all.